Ads, bills and letter from Streisand

Israeli gay couple Nir Berger and Itai Or surprised to receive thank you letter from legendary American singer Barbra Streisand, two months after she dedicates one of her songs to them during her Tel Aviv concert

Imagine coming home one day from work and finding a letter waiting in your mailbox from your favorite international singer.

That’s exactly what happened last week to Nir Berger and Itai Or, a couple from Tel Aviv, who were surprised to find a special envelope sent from Los Angeles, containing a thank you note from their new friend, Barbra Streisand.

It all began with Streisand’s concerts in Israel about two months ago. Berger, who worked at the time for the Promarket company which produced the Presidential Conference where Streisand performed, went for dinner with the singer’s staff and family members.

During the meal, Streisand’s personal manager told Berger that she had a habit of dedicating songs to her fans on stage, and asked if he would like her to dedicate a song to him and his partner.

Berger agreed immediately of course. A note written by the personal manager and handed over to the singer said, “We’re together because of you. ‘Guilty’ came out before we were even born, but we love it! Can you please sing it?”

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