Acceptance in the Periphery

On Sunday, the city of Raanana held a seminar of Hoshen and Tehila for employees who work with youth. The seminar, which was initiated by the Raanana Municipality, was part of the new City Hall team which met in recent months and is under initial formation.

10924637_10152456760187581_2753099117977504946_oThe team works on joint thinking on the subject of sexual identity and gender. The staff aims to emphasize and provide milestones and urban response to the LGBT community in the city, and to the subject of being different as a whole, to provide the educational staff tools that can help youth in distress because of being different for any reason.

The seminar was led by Amit Gefner and Irit Zviely Efrat from Hoshen.

Irit Moore from Tehila talked about the organization and it’s activities throughout the country, focusing on Ra’anana. Irit explained to the participants how important is the combination of the educational staff’s involvement with the work of the LGBT community organizations. She concluded: “The child is not alone. The child has a family that should also be helped, supported and strengthened in the beginning when the child comes out of the closet. It is important to know that parents are not alone either and that there is always someone to talk to.”