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A Wider Bridge’s First-Ever LGBTQ Israel Campus Summit: Photo Blog

On Sunday, May 6th, A Wider Bridge Held its first-ever LGBTQ Israel Campus Summit with students from the Chicagoland area. Organized by A Wider Bridge Campus Engagement Fellow Eli Cohen, with assistance from AWB staff Laurie Grauer and Quentin Hill, this summit created an affirming space where students gained the knowledge and skills needed to authentically engage campus communities with Israel and its LGBTQ communities. 

“Today was a really rare opportunity to talk about Israel in a nuanced way, especially in a LGBTQ sense. I think it’s really important to have these conversations and this engagement. I’m really happy that A Wider Bridge strives to achieve that.” – Finn Rinder, student participant.

“A Wider Bridge has not just inspired me to continue forward with seeking coalitions- AWB has also provided me with the network, resources, and information I need to do so successfully.” – Oakley Steinberg, participant.

“Almost as soon as the discussion began, I felt hope. In their own words, the student leaders described themselves as “resilient”. To that, I would add incredibly compassionate, open-minded, and self-aware. Each of the students we met with demonstrated the knowledge, temperance and cultural sensitivity needed to engage with diverse communities around Israel; all they ask for are the tools and our support to do it.” – Laurel Grauer, AWB

Lauren Morgan from the Israel on Campus Coalition speaks to the group.

Eli Cohen (Northwestern University)  discusses strategies for engagement and bridge building with fellow students.

“When people engage in discussions, are they just trying to win a point, or are they trying to find commonalities and solutions? Let’s talk about solutions. Let’s talk about the people on the ground who are being affected.” – Quentin Hill, AWB

A Wider Bridge thanks the JUF Breakthrough Fund for their support in making this important event possible.