A Wider Bridge Stands with Dreamers

A Wider Bridge members hold diverse views that span both the American and Israeli political spectrum. But all of us understand the difference between compassion and cruelty. As LGBTQ people and allies, our experiences teach us to stand with all those labeled “the other.” And as Jews and allies, we are taught to protect the strangers in our midst.

Today we stand with the Dreamers – 800,000 young men and women who represent what is best about America, and whose lives have already been upended by a pronouncement that can only be described as heartless and immoral.

History teaches us that immigrants make our societies richer and stronger. We are proud to stand with our Dreamer brothers and sisters, our partners in the broader LGBTQ, Jewish, and Latinx communities, and the many others impacted by Tuesday’s announcement. There is an opportunity here for our Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress to do the right thing, the decent thing, and restore DACA. We implore them not to miss this chance.