A Wider Bridge Executive Director Ethan Felson and Chairman of the Board Alan Schwartz said:

“During Pride rallies and marches, we at A Wider Bridge have proudly used a rainbow pride flag with a white Star of David. The pride flag has evolved to include inclusive colors. We didn’t want just to add on those missing colors and the star in a way that they could be removed, either practically and symbolically. So, we came up with our new inclusive Jewish pride flag. The original pride flag, the inclusive colors, and the star each stand for inseparable parts of our identities.

We cannot allow one to be removed just as we won’t be excluded from either the LGBTQ community or the Jewish community. For A Wider Bridge, our support for Israel is central to our Jewish identity and our LGBTQ identity.

We believe that when one part of the community is excluded, we are all left weaker and less vibrant. Doing so contradicts the very idea of inclusivity. We refuse to choose.

We refuse to prioritize and rank the multifaceted components of our identities. Here is our new flag, and we invite you to wave it proudly with us.”#WeRefuseToChoose