A Wider Bridge: Jeroen Vahrmeijer

Jeroen Vahrmeijer, Western and Midwest States Director, has had a diverse career spreading over several continents. He has worked for two Jewish non-profit organizations, as a historical Content Analyst for the Shoah Foundation and most recently, as the Interim West Coast Director of Development for the American Friends of the Israel Museum. For the past 10 years Jeroen has been working in the art world in Los Angeles and Qatar in a variety of positions, including Chief of Staff, and Head of Installation & Design of Public Art. Jeroen brings many years of experience in managing events, non-profit administration, fundraising, and customer service to this position.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Jeroen earned a BA in Tourism & Hospitality Management, and has lived and worked in his native country, Spain, Peru, Qatar, Florida, and in Los Angeles, which has been his home town for many years. Jeroen is passionate about contributing to the improvement of LGTBQ rights in Israel, and hopes that he can make a difference in changing the perception of and the prejudice against the State of Israel.