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A Wider Bridge Guide to Tel Aviv

Traveling to Israel this summer? Here’s your LGBT cheat sheet for things to do in Tel Aviv. A Wider Bridge recommends: (This is a live update page. come back and visit!)

Tel Aviv is very often mentioned as an LGBT-friendly travel destinations lists. Only last week “the city that never sleeps” was selected by among the top 5 LGBT tourism destinations in the world. CNN has dubbed the city as a “gay honeymoon hotspot.” Dane Steele Green – President and CEO of Steele Luxury Travel said that for gay tourists- Tel Aviv is a must – and these are only a few.


The famous Tel Aviv Pride will take place June 9, 2017. This year’s theme is Bisexual Visibility.


Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv’s gay beach. Just below the Hilton Hotel is a crest of coast filled with some of the tannest, fittest Israeli specimens around. more info

Harper’s Bazaar recommended on 10 thing to do in Tel Aviv: Spend a day at the tranquil Ajami beach, Go for a morning run along Gordon Beach boardwalk, Stay at Poli House and enjoy its incredible rooftop view, Go treasure hunting at Jaffa Flea Market and more. See the whole list

Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhoods, long considered the unkempt backyard of the city, are changing. The young residents who have moved in, the high prices in the city’s north, and the coalescing plans for urban renewal are transforming southern Tel Aviv into the hottest real estate ticket in town. The side of Tel Aviv you never knew

From the Jaffa Port to the Tel Aviv Port, from Habima Square to Rabin Square and from Dizengoff Center to Meir Park – Israeli news website Ynet gives a few recommendations for tourists visiting the White City.

Top 12 Things to do: Tel Aviv is a cacophonous mixtape of heritage that offers an exciting melting pot of cuisines, cultural traits, accents and world-views. WOW Travel

Israel’s Beit Hatefutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, is undergoing a total redesign, including changing its name from Museum of the Jewish Diaspora Museum. Worth a visit in 2016 even if you have been there before.

Travel website Trip Advisor has launched a page for Tel Aviv’s famous Dizengoff Street. “The classic street for a stroll when visiting Tel Aviv.” Read what people wrote

Israelis just took their love of partying to a new level: A “morning” out:  kicking off at 6:30 am with a group yoga session immediately followed by dancing till 9 am. Read more

Ever wanted to know what top international celebrities are up to when they visit Israel? Well, now you can follow in their footsteps because we have the inside scoop on where famous faces like Madonna and Mick Jagger like to sleep, eat and play. Read more

WHERE TO EAT presents: The 14 Hottest New Restaurants in Tel Aviv (Nov 28, 2016): 1. El Ashi (Arab cuisine with modern touches), 2. Stellar (American barbecue), 3. OCD restaurant (by Instagram star @razi_barvazi – book way in advance as the place sits only 19 people), 4. Teder (signature modern Israeli food – with vegan alternatives), 5. Luca e Lino (a blend of Southern Italian swagger and Middle Eastern diversity), 6. Bar A’ Vin (French bistro favorites coupled with an eclectic wine menu), 7. Garrigue (modern European fine-dining), 8. Maiar (modern Arab cuisine), 9. Clash (mismatch of ingredients and styles), 10. Backdoor by Sunny (specializes in sweet and savory pastries), 11. Captain Curry (Indian), 12. Salva Vida (California-meets-the-Mediterranean menu), 13. Mapu Restaurant (by celebrity chef Nir Zook), 14. Double Standard (trendy cocktail bar). View all places on the map

World’s Best Vegetarian Food: An impressive wave of vegetable-centric restaurants are taking Israel’s biggest city by storm: Conde Nast Traveler magazine gives us a tour of Tel Aviv’s finest vegetarian restaurants.

Baked or fried, cheap or expensive, with jam or marzipan – after eating dozens, Haaretz’s editorial staff rank Israel’s tastiest sufganiyot- from top bakeries in Israel. See the list

From Givatayim’s renowned Sabich Shel Oved – a simple eggplant-sandwich shop with lines snaking around the corner — to lesser-known places like Chachaporia Georgian cuisine in Jerusalem, the new e-book “Israel’s Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants”provides the English-speaking tourist a window into the delectable, folksy Israeli foods that locals have raved about for years. Read more

Where to Eat: Tel Aviv is the home to some of the most distinguished chefs and restaurants, has quickly become Israel’s culinary hotspot. read more


Dizingoff Center
The first business to receive the Aguda’s LGBT Friendly business tag. The most famous shopping center has everything: from clothing to books and entertainment, to food.

If you’re into food, restaurants, new tastes and exciting adventures, Tel Aviv should definitely come across your culinary travel plans. read more

Rooftop Farm
Interesting to visit: Located above the Dizengoff shopping center, this urban farm uses hydroponics to grow vegetables rapidly and organically. more details


Britney Spears will give her first-ever performance in Tel Aviv on July 3 more details


Architectural tour: check out this video of famous gay interior designer Shai DeLuca-Tamasi showing beautiful architecture from the buildings of Tel Aviv, you can follow along.

In this video created for gay social media app Moovz, Israeli YouTube sensation Idan Matalon reveals all about gay life in Tel Aviv by interviewing scenesters like Israeli-born model and businessman Eliad Cohen and superstar Ivri Lider. Watch.


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