A Wider Bridge Announces Leadership Change

The Bay Area Reporter, the nation’s oldest and highest circulation LGBT news weekly serving San Francisco’s LGBTQ communities, covered A Wider Bridge’s leadership change announcement in an article published both on the online and the paper versions of the magazine

A Wider Bridge announced its founder and leader will step down next year.

Arthur Slepian conceived the LGBT Jewish organization in 2010 following the tragic shooting at the LGBT community center in Tel Aviv in 2009. He guided the group from its embryonic stages into an international organization.

Deputy director Tyler “Tye” Gregory, a 28-year-old gay man who joined A Wider Bridge in 2014, will take over leadership of the organization January 15, the group’s board announced in a news release last month.

Slepian, a 62-year-old gay man, will step into an auxiliary role as board president of A Wider Bridge, and will continue to work in San Francisco, the two men told the B.A.R.

“I think that the organization is now ready for new leadership,” said Slepian, who was positive about the change for himself personally and for the organization. “I think sometimes organizations can get too personally identified with the founder, so I think that it’s healthy when leadership can be transitioned to the next generation, so to speak.

“I’m really happy that this organization that was just an idea on a piece of paper seven years ago is now something that can sustain itself,” he added.

By the time Slepian officially steps down next year he will have led the organization for eight years.

Gregory will continue to work out of A Wider Bridge’s New York office.

“Tye is an amazing young man. I think that he’s going to do great,” said Slepian, who praised Gregory for his “passion” and for being a “skilled organizational leader.

“I think the organization is very well positioned to succeed under his leadership,” he added.

Gregory said the transition is exciting.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity,” he said. “I feel like there are exciting opportunities ahead and it’s a great time. The time is right for this transition.”

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