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A Wider Bridge announces first ever U.S. tour of LGBTQ Ethiopian Israeli leaders

A Wider Bridge, the LGBTQ advocacy group building connections between the Israeli and North American LGBTQ communities, announced today a groundbreaking U.S. tour with leaders of the Ethiopian Israeli LGBTQ community.

KALA 3.30

The U.S. tour, presented by A Wider Bridge, will introduce KALA (Hebrew abbreviation of Kehila Lahatavit Ethiopit translated to ‘LGBT Ethiopian Community’) to North America for the first time to facilitate collaboration between diverse communities in the areas of advocacy, human rights and cultural exchange.

“KALA is an extraordinary group of LGBTQ Ethiopian Israelis that is increasing its efforts to address the challenges they face, including discrimination, a relative lack of upward socio-economic mobility and the traditional attitudes of their own families and communities.” said Arthur Slepian, executive director of Wider Bridge. “As their community has grown in Israel, KALA works to raise awareness of sexuality and gender issues within the Ethiopian community in Israel and A Wider Bridge is honored to bring the group to the United States.”

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