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A Tip to Get Your Stolen Phone Back

Dana International lost her iPhone during her regular dog walk in Tel Aviv. The guy who found the phone tried to blackmail the international superstar, but he didn’t understand that you don’t mess with the Diva.

According to Israeli website Walla, last week Dana took her two dogs on a walk on the beach near her Tel Aviv home. One of her dogs got loose and she ran to catch him, apparently dropping her phone as she ran.

When she got home she realized that the phone, which included thousands of photos and a lot of unreleased demos, was missing. A couple of hours later, Dana’s manager received an anonymous call from a guy, saying that he has Dana’s phone and he demands NIS 5000 for it, in cash.

Dana decided not get the police involved and teach this guy a lesson herself: She told him she agrees to his “deal,” and set up a date and time to meet in a private spot. When Dana arrived at the meeting, she pulled out a camera and started to take photos of the blackmailer before he realized what was going on. Then, she explained that if she doesn’t get her phone right away, she’ll go with the photos to the police and press charges.

How do you think the story ended?! Like we said – don’t mess with the Diva!



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