A Mom Whose Son Love Wearing Dresses Penned An Open Letter to Society

A mom’s open letter in support of her little boy who likes to wear dresses has gone viral.

Dana, from a kibbutz in northern Israel, shared on Facebook her support for her little boy who likes to wear dresses, against criticism she received from society.

“Amir, our pure and beloved boy, loves to wear dresses. He loves it, it makes him happy, his eyes and soul light up with happiness when he comes out of the room wiggling in a fluffy dress or a colorful skirt. ‘Mom, look how beautiful I am! Look how my dress turns!’ Smiling from ear to ear and happiness dripping from his perfect eyes and cheeks,” Dana wrote.

“The surroundings? For the surrounding it’s difficult. Dresses are for girls …. this is unacceptable and unclear. Is it a boy or is it a girl?

“A few days ago I had a conversation with a relative on the subject. A conversation that was enlightenment for me. The person argued that, like many other things, there are norms in society. And there’s nothing you can do, sometimes you just have to align yourself with the norms of the society in which we live. You don’t have to insist on everything, protest against, ask questions and raise difficulties and doubts.

“So the answer is this, for those who are interested – beyond the fact that if I ‘align with society according to its norms’ and do not allow Amir to wear what makes him happy I actually say to him, ‘my darling, your thoughts and feelings are unacceptable here. Please do all of us a favor and tone them down to make sure that they don’t hurt anyone here.’ Beyond that, if it is not enough for all the good things in the world, I understood that it’s our duty ask questions! to question all that is familiar! not go with the flow of norms just because that’s what we were taught, because that’s how it should be done and that’s how we grew up !!

The mom continued: “Because if we had not asked questions – the gays would still be in the closet, the black people would still be owned by the rich white people, the greatest inventions would not have been created, the architecture (among other areas of design and in general) would not be what it is today and what it’s still developing into at this very moment.

“So do me a favor, ask! Doubt! Shout! Do not say ‘but it’s not how it’s done’… for me, for Amir, for all of us and our future children.”

Dana’s post, in just a few hours, went viral with thousands and likes and shares by the LGBTQ community in Israel. “This is such a moving and important post,” wrote a mother in the comments, “and it’s so true, you as parents have to allow your kids [be who they want to be] and not fall into the norms.”

Another mother commented: “Amir is lucky to have been born to such an amazing mother. You are amazing and very moving.”

Dana concluded her post with throwing society other subjects to think about. “Discussion and examination of personal truths, subjects that exist in my inner  dialogue all the time and I would be happy if it would come out into the light as much as possible,” she wrote and then listed Coexistence and Tolerance, Ecology and environment, Veganism and compassion and finally- Gender and definitions.