A Lebanese Gay Activist’s Support of Israel

Fabian Maamari, a gay man from Lebanon, found home in Tel Aviv with his Israeli boyfriend Avi, and speaks about his support for Israel

Fabian Maamari

From Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority to the Islamic Republic of Iran and Balochistan, an increasing number of Middle Eastern dissidents have started to outspokenly support the State of Israel following the outbreak of the Arab Spring and renewed Iranian aggression in the Middle East region.

One of them is Fabian Maamari, a Lebanese gay Christian activist who has made headlines for proudly supporting the State of Israel and making his home in Tel Aviv together with his Jewish boyfriend Avi. In an interview with JerusalemOnline, Maamari stated: “I support Israel for the simple reason that it allows me to live a free gay life with my boyfriend here. Thanks to our relationship, I got approval for a visa and 1 year work permit. And now in September, we have a scheduled appointment for extending it for another year. This is something that gays in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East only can dream about and I am actually living it day by day.”

“And that is something that I can never take for granted,” he added. “Of course, it is mostly ok in Tel Aviv but isn’t it amazing that such a city exists in this country? For people to feel free and to be themselves? To walk around holding hands and to never be worried about being arrested? Israel is the modern light for gays in the Middle East. The only issue we are waiting for now to solve is gay marriage approval and then we have it all. My mother, brother and sister are coming to Israel for their first visit next month on my birthday and meeting Avi’s family during Rosh Hashanah for the first time. I am still having a hard time realizing that it will actually be happening. It is a dream come true for me.”

Fabian Maamari poses with IDF soldiers (Photo: Channel 2 News)