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A Homophobic Police Chief Rabbi?

Military reservist officer Omer Nahmany pens an open letter to the Israeli chief of police Roni Alsheikh and Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, following the anti-gay comments of the future chief rabbi of police, Rabbi Rami Berachyahu

Omer Nahmany takes part in a photo campaign: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”

It’s been more than 24 hours since it was published that the rabbi to be appointed as chief rabbi of police stated that people should not rent apartment to gay couples. The same rabbi is also one of the 300 rabbis who signed the letter of support for the inciter rabbi, Yigal Levinstein.

So apart from the fact that I have a flashback to last week when Erdan sputtered 4 days before saying the obvious thing, here there is no room for sputtering. This rabbi should not be appointed to this role.

Nir Katz Center for the struggle with LGBTphobia reports that only 8 percent (!) of LGBTPhobic events are reported to the Israeli police. The LGBT community overwhelmingly doesn’t rely on the police, and the truth is, I’m really not surprised.

Let’s recall some of the events related to the police and the community in recent years:

1. The murder in Bar Noar – on Saturday we mark 7 years since the murder of Nir Katz and Liz Trubishi, Z”L. The police have not yet caught the killer.

2. The murder of Shira Banki Z”l. Due to criminal police negligence Shira was murdered at the Jerusalem Pride Parade by a man who was released from prison a few weeks prior. The reason he was in prison was that he tried to murder people at an earlier Jerusalem Pride march.”

3. The cancellation of the Pride Parade in Be’er Sheva. The Israeli police surrendered to the violence of religious people’s threats and refused to secure the pride parade at its original route. At that same event we also saw police violence against a gay marcher.

These are the “big” events that got extensive media coverage.

Of course I didn’t mention transgender women being beaten up by police regularly, verbal abuse of community members by policemen, disrespect by the police when community members report violent incidents and so on …
So in addition to all data, the serious incidents and the mutual distrust of the community and the police, you appoint a homophobic chief rabbi in the police ? This is the answer of the Israeli Police? If today 8 percent of LGBTphobic cases are being reported to the police, the Israeli police want to find out how much lower we could go.

And a last word: the LGBT community is a persecuted community that needs the defense of the police most of all. Think of the trans woman experiencing violence, the boy who is crying because he was beaten up for being gay, the lesbian girl who was humiliated and feels alone in the world. There is a feeling that there’s no one to turn to and they are defenseless in the world.

No wonder then that the percentage of suicides in the community is five times more than in the rest of the population.


(in the photo: Nir Katz – this week we mark 7 years since the murder of him and Liz. After his name the center of fighting LGBTphobia was established. His killer is still on the loose.)