Different Approach to Jewish Learning

Jewish Journal blogger attended for the first time an education class at Kevah, an LGBT-friendly Jewish education organization in LA

SusanEstherBarnes180x200On Monday night I attended the first in a series of classes by Kevah, an interesting educational institution based in Berkeley, CA. Most Jewish education courses are top-down, with the institution deciding the topic of the course and where it will be. They then go in search of students to attend the course.

Kevah, on the other hand, is bottom-up. If you know a group of people who are interested in serious Jewish education, you (on your own or with Kevah’s help), can decide on a topic, and then Kevah will design a course around your needs. You meet in the home of one of your group’s members, or in any other agreed-upon place. In addition, they focus on building community at the same time that they are educating.

The beauty of this system is you get to learn about exactly what you want to learn about, with the folks with whom you want to learn, rather than with random people that happen show up. Our group chose “Jewish Ethics,” which, of course, could cover a wide variety of potential topics. Our instructor, Joshua Ladon, started with the question of how do we determine when a person has died. Is it when their brain stops functioning? When they stop breathing? When their heart stops?

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