9. Orthodox Men Come Out.

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In July, Six brave gay orthodox Jewish Israeli men agreed to share their coming out stories in order to demonstrate to young gay orthodox Jews that they are not alone. One of the six was Daniel Jonas (picture above), who said that coming out brought him closer to G-d. Daniel is scheduled to make a series of talks on Judaism and sexual identity in the U.S. in January 2017. The other five men are Yaakov, Elior, Harel, Uria, and Dan. Read their stories below:

Daniel Jonas: Coming Out Story

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Yaakov’s story: Staying in the Closet

Elior: “My Parents Are Not Ready to See Or Hear About My Partner”

Harel: “I Couldn’t Stand Opinions on ‘Those Perverts’”

Uria: “I Left No Room for Doubt”

Dan: “The Strength to Come Out Came From My Rabbis”