5 Tips for Making Miracles

We are now in the week of Chanukah, when the energy of miracles is available in the cosmos, for us all to tap into if we make our connections and do our spiritual work. One of the fastest ways to create blessings in our life is to step outside our comfort zone.

We may enjoy our comfort foods, our comfy couch and the comfortable bubble we create for ourselves to live in – but there’s only one problem with the comfort zone. Miracles don’t happen there. The energy of miracles exists beyond our comfort, beyond our limitations and beyond our rational mind.

As students of Kabbalah, we learn that opportunities for us to get uncomfortable and battle our ego are what connect us with the Light. If we are lucky we’ll be confronted with many of those opportunities this week. Some of you may have already found yourselves over the past few days facing some very uncomfortable situations. If this is the case for you, congratulations! This means a miracle is waiting for you to make it happen.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind to access the infinite amount of perfect Light that is available in the universe during this week:

1. Resist the desire to choose the fast and easy route. Instead hold steady to the challenging, obstacle ridden path.

2. Resist the desire to indulge your ego just so you can get rid of your insecurity. Instead, soak up the anxiety.

3. Resist the desire to show off how smart or funny you are. Play the discomforting role of second fiddle. Or, if that’s where you’re most comfortable, step into a leadership role.

4. Resist the urge to show them who’s boss. Let the other guy think he’s better than you and enjoy the pain on your ego.

5. Resist the desire to put others in their place when they wrong you, even if you’re 100% right. Give them love and kindness instead.

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