40 Years of Pride: A Visit to Yad Vashem

No visit to the nation of Israel, a nation born from tragedy and into turmoil, could be complete without a visit to Yad Vashem- the Worldwide Holocaust Museum.

Yad Vashem

Earlier today, A Wider Bridge group and participants of the 40 years of Pride conference travelled to Jerusalem to visit this heart wrenching reminder of the holocaust.

We descended into the entrance of the museum to bear witness, to see the faces and hear the names, to help preserve the identities of millions lost with the only resource one can bring to bear for such a project: our memories, our hearts, and our grief.

We exited humbled. We exited more human in the face of inhumanity. We exited in somber reflection of that which has been lost but also in celebration of overcoming, of surviving, of the strength of a people and the resolve of their progeny to secure against future evil a home for themselves.

No words can capture, nor time fill the void left by, that unspeakable evil. But healing will come in the fundamental lesson that equality will always be our greatest vanguard against extermination.

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