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A Wider Bridge Launches 2019-2020 Impact Grants

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A Wider Bridge Impact Grants are designed to empower LGBTQ organizations in Israel in their effort to expand rights and acceptance within their communities.

Through our grants program, we partner with organizations and advocates to change hearts and minds across Israel – from the metropolitan Tel Aviv bubble to the communities in the periphery that are electing homophobic and transphobic representatives at the local level and to the Knesset. We believe the best investments to secure LGBTQ rights and community in Israel are those that provide needed financial resources, help build capacity and amplify activist voices on the ground.

Our Impact Grants are funded in large part by our individual supporters – everyday folks who are committed to A Wider Bridge’s Mission of advocating for equality in Israel alongside our partners in Israel.

Help us expand our Impact Grant program even further next year, and make your gift today to support this important work.

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2019-2020 AWB Impact Grantees

The Agudah
The Israeli National LGBT Task Force

Bat Kol (LGBTQ Religious Communities)

Israel AIDS Task Force

Israel Gay Youth

Jerusalem Open House
For Pride and Tolerance

Havruta (LGBTQ Religious Communities)

Hoshen (Education and Change)










The LGBTQ Refugee Program
of the Agudah

Ma’avarim (Trans Community)

Shoval (LGBTQ Religious Communities)

The Aguda National LGBTQ Task Force

The past 12 months have been transformative for the Aguda’s work towards political and societal change. After leading a 100,000-person strike for LGBTQ rights, The Aguda launched a candidate training program, equipping LGBTQ candidates from across Israel to run for office. Last Spring’s national elections resulted in five openly-gay Members of Knesset, and today Israel has the first openly gay Minister in Justice Minister Amir Ohana. This year also saw a record 40 LGBTQ Pride events coordinated by the Aguda and local community partners.

We are proud to support the Aguda’s programming during this exciting time for LGBTQ equality in Israel. Learn More

Israel AIDS Task Force Israel

The Israel AIDS Task Force (IATF) has been on the frontlines of HIV/AIDS education, prevention and advocacy in Israel since 1985. IATF works to provide testing services to Israelis across the country and lends visibility and education to fight the stigma HIV positive Israelis face in society. While infection rates are decreasing in the gay male community, thanks in part to the accessibility of PreP in Israel, rates are increasing in marginalized communities, like the Arab, Ethiopian, and Eritrean asylum-seeking communities, where lack of educational resources and language gaps are creating challenges.

The AWB Impact Grant will fund mobile testing clinics, which travel to parts of the country where anonymous testing centers are largely unavailable. The testing clinics also sit outside popular LGBTQ night clubs, providing LGBTQ community members easy access to testing services. Learn more

Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance

Jerusalem Open House is the flagship LGBTQ organization in Jerusalem and its only LGBTQ center. In their words: “With a constituency as diverse as the city itself, the JOH transcends political, ethnic and religious boundaries to build and unite a community in pursuit of the common goal of tolerance and mutual support.”

The AWB Impact Grant supports JOH programming and organizing of the annual Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance. In 2015, 15-year-old Shira Banki was murdered while marching with her friends, transforming this annual event into a national demonstration for LGBTQ acceptance and rights. Learn More.

KADAG: Bat Kol and Havruta, the LGBTQ Religious Community

Our partners in the LGBTQ religious and orthodox space – Bat Kol (queer religious women), Havruta (gay religious men), and Shoval (LGBTQ religious education and change) are changing attitudes in traditional Jewish communities across Israel. This past year we were proud to fund the “Our Faces” video campaign, an 8-part series that helped raise awareness and empathy for Israel’s religious LGBTQ+ communities.

Our 2019-20 Impact Grant supports continued programming for these partners and another similar media campaign.

Ma’avarim, the Israeli Transgender Community

This summer, a transgender teenager living in Beit D’ror, the Tel Aviv LGBTQ youth shelter, was stabbed by a family member, and was left critically wounded. The attack bolstered attendance at the 2nd annual March for Trans Lives, led by our grantee Ma’avarim – the transgender community organization working for trans empowerment and policy change. The incident was an important reminder that even in the heart of progressive Tel Aviv, more work needs to be done to support LGBTQ people, especially our most vulnerable.

Our 2019-20 Impact Grant assists Ma’avarim’s much-needed programs to create change for transgender Israelis and to increase gender equality across the country. Learn more.


LGBTech strives to create a diverse and inclusive workforce by educating employers and providing tools, skills and knowledge promoting diversity and inclusion. Recently, the organization built an index for corporate workplace inclusion in Israel, inspired by a similar strategy used in the U.S. at HRC (the Human Rights Campaign). Learn more.

Our 2019-20 funds support continued programming and the hiring of a part-time staff person.

Hoshen (LGBTQ Education and Change)

Thanks to Hoshen, public schools across Israel are including LGBTQ curriculum in their courses and providing opportunities for LGBTQ role models to speak about their experiences in classrooms and larger assembly gatherings. The organization also trains public sector professionals in LGBTQ core competencies – including police and border guard corps officers, soldiers, army cadets and officers, medical staff, social workers, and guidance counselors.

Our 2019-20 funds support Hoshen’s educational trainings and workshops.

Israel Gay Youth

Israel Gay Youth empowers thousands of young people each year to create a leading role for themselves in a more accepting society, while supporting their own understanding of sexual and/or gender identity.

With our support, IGY is launching “IGY Tube,” a YouTube channel for LGBTQ+ youth. In their own words: “IGY Tube will provide and distribute relevant content accessible to all youth in Israel.  We believe this could be a groundbreaking opportunity to turn LGBTQ+ youth into agents of change.”  Learn More