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2017 LGBT Israelis’ Social Media Power List

Transgender activist and organizer of Miss Trans Israel pageant Israela Stephanie Lev tops A Wider Bridge’s 2017 list of LGBT Israelis to follow on social media. Check out the complete top 10.

Israel is known for its innovation in technology, and as in every western-world country, its social media is thriving. Facebook and YouTube are the leading social media platforms in Israel, followed by Instagram and Twitter.

If you ever thought about following LGBT Israelis on social media, we’ve put together this top-10 social media power list for you for 2017, including some LGBT Israelis you should know. It’s true, most of them are in Hebrew, so it’s the perfect time to start using your English-Hebrew dictionary, or your automatic translator button – or just look at the pictures.

#10 Idan Matalon

This adorable gay guy started as an Israeli YouTube star who went around Tel Aviv and  filmed himself lipsyncing to famous songs. Over the past few years he became involved with gay social media app Moovz, and recently moved to Mexico to focus on the Latin American community on the app. He writes mostly in Spanish and English, and is serving up cuteness on a daily basis.