YU Not Safe for LGBT People

Gay former Yeshiva University student Joshua Tranen wrote an essay claiming that the Modern Orthodox institution in New York is not safe for LGBT people

Yeshiva University (YU), the preeminent educational institution of the Modern Orthodox, is not safe for LGBT people, according to a gay former student who wrote about his experiencing at the school in a Jan. 4 essay.

“I am gay, and I left because I no longer felt safe at Yeshiva University,” Joshua Tranen wrote in the YU student newspaper.

“While at YU, I wasn’t out and was terrified of what such a public identity could mean,” he wrote. “Each morning, when I awoke, I forced myself to gather the strength required to learn, for yet another day, alongside rabbis that had publicly called gay people an abomination, blamed them for natural disasters, and advocated for conversion therapy—a pseudoscience so dangerous it has been outlawed in many states.”

The essay represents the latest flaring up of a controversy stalking Modern Orthodoxy. The movement, which seeks a lifestyle grounded in Jewish law but compatible with the secular world, has struggled to update old mores stigmatizing gay relationships.

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