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As the Israel – Gaza conflict continues, we know that our readers have varied opinions, about the roots of the conflict, the strategies and tactics being employed by each side, and the best path for a resolution that will lead to peace. We dedicate this forum  for our readers to express their views.

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ArthurSlepianFeatured-1We begin the forum with this opening post from Arthur Slepian, our Executive Director.   We know that not all our readers will share this view but we want to be upfront about where we stand.  We look forward to your adding your own thoughts to this forum.

At A Wider Bridge, our deep love and commitment to Israel causes us to stand with her and its people at times of crisis. No country can or should be asked to tolerate hundreds of rockets being rained down upon its cities and towns day after day, with its men, women and children forced to run repeatedly to bomb shelters for cover. So we support the actions that Israel has taken with the goal of ending the rocket fire, destroying the tunnels used for terrorist attacks, and restoring quiet and security for Israel’s citizens… Continue reading>>

Nitzan-Featured-1On his personal Facebook page, Gay Israeli MK Nitzan Horowitz commented today on the latest acceleration in the hatred between Israelis and Palestinians: “The fact that there are people who are happy about Israelis being killed does not mean that there should be justification to be happy about people dying in Gaza.”

“Someone shouted towards me on the street, “All the Arabs should be burned.” I told her: All of them? Would you want to take oil, spill it on babies, mothers, the elderly, and light them? So she hesitated for a second and then said… Continue reading >>


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IMG_0177As a gay Jewish convert (later on, found out that my family on both sides were crypto-Jews who escaped the inquisition by leaving Spain/canary island), I find myself very morally pained and disillusioned by the lack of true compassion towards those who are dying on the other side. Even more painful it has been the way my fellow Jews have treated me in what I can only describe as hateful, demeaning and degrading fashion every time I try to respectfully suggest humble reflection based on those Jewish values that brought me back into Judaism centuries after my ancestors were forced, in order to physically survive, to leave their Jewishness behind. To me, values and moral compass are very easy to live by during peaceful times. However, their true purpose is to be exercised during moments of turmoil such as the current one. – Alfredo Roldan-Flores, Massachusetts.