Yehudit Ravitz Plans New Album

Yehudit Ravitz released a taste from her 13th studio album earlier this week, the new single “Daber Ity B’Aviv” (‘Talk to Me in the Spring’). In an interview with Galatz radio station she said: “I release this song happily and not fearfully”

It maybe a coincidence, but while Israel is having a week of heavy rains Yehudi Ravitz released her new single, “Talk to Me in the Spring,” from her 13th studio album. In a new interview with Niv Raskin on the Galatz radio station, she tells about the excitement of working on a new album.

“I release this song happily and not fearfully. I release this song because I love it and I loved making it,” said Ravitz. “My destiny doesn’t depend on this song anymore, now it’s only fun.”

The song was created out of a collaboration with Israeli singer Dudu Tassa. “Dudu invited me to sing in Arabic and the Iraqi dialect in his Kuwaiti project about his family. For me it was an exceptional mission,” she said. “Both of us have this characteristic of kids from the periphery.

Ravitz added that “In the Kuwaiti project we became closer and he called me to his studio to say that he has songs that he thinks I should record, and throughout this work more songs were created.”

The process of making the new album is described by Ravitz as special. “This is a project in flip-flops. I live next to him, I got on my bycicle, came, recorded a demo and went back home. This is how we did a few songs.”