Why Homophobic Vandals Were Invited to A Gay Play

Queer Jewish actor Tom Ross-Williams invited homophobic vandals to come see his play: “I think one of the most effective ways of challenging homophobia is to see why they think that and where that is coming from”

“It’s really a play about that feeling you get the first time you fall in love.”

That’s how queer actor Tom Ross-Williams sums up Run, a play about 17-year-old Yonni, who happens to be Jewish and gay, and the first time he falls in love.

“What’s so beautiful about it is it’s not how Judaism keeps them apart,” he told Gay Star News.

“But how it brings them together and I think that that’s something that’s kind of really forward thinking.”

As such, Tom said he believes Run is universal and accessible for everyone, no matter if they’re religious or not.
“It’s really just about that awkwardness and that besottedness and that craziness what it is to be in love for the first time as a teeanger,” he said.

“And I think in that sense there’s a real deep universality to it.”

Born and raised in London, Tom himself started acting as a child. But he only saw it as a professional option when he started to get involved with the National Youth Theatre at the age of 16. After finishing college he went off to study English and Drama and eventually came back to tread the boards in London.

“I did a show that transferred to the West End called Vieux Carré, the Tennessee Williams play, that had been the first time it was revised in London,” Tom said.

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