Why Can’t There Simply Be Religious Gays?

Kobi was called for military service and obeyed like a decent citizen, but his heart was torn when he realized that while he was serving at the base, people in his home town were discussing reducing his rights as an equal citizen.

fangar-tsav8-255x190As a reserve soldier stationed somewhere at the gates of Gaza, to see the amount of love and sympathy bestowed upon us from all sides encourages and strengthens us. If I could describe the amount of equipment that people donate to us, the amount of food, snacks, shampoos, boxer shorts – I probably wouldn’t have named the correct quantity.

I’ve never been in such a system, which really feels a boost from our citizens. We are blessed that we have the ability to unite this way. But no good spirit can make us ignore some of the undermining bad streams.

And I’m sad, very sad for me. I am sad that at the moment I was called to duty, to fulfill my duty to the state (it’s the second weekend in a row that I’m staying at the base in the desert, far from family and friends) – right at this very moment it’s evidently urgent for a group of rabbis to meet and discuss how to stop the fury that is called “LGBT rights.” Just like me, many more gay people are serving the country in these critical moments, but what’s urgent now for them, those rabbis, while we fight for our country’s existence – is how to limit, suppress and neuter basic rights of decent citizens. They probably will also call that a war, as if we don’t have enough wars.


There’s is a phrase in Hebrew , “at six after the war,” which among other things deals with what’s postponed. So at six after the war we’ll see how we can make the public discourse within the religious camp change from misery, sadness, “be gay in your home and straight when you leave “– that unfortunately the organization “Betochenu” perpetuated – into the healthy discourse that expresses pride in the divine creation, an acceptance that is simply called religious gay.

Religious gay, who lives a life of love with his God, with the public in which he lives ,and all that together with a partner and children.

At six after the war we’ll also have to discuss the public debate between left and right, between Jews and minorities among us. A discussion that turned into violence and hatred, threats, beatings and a witch-hunt.

But in the meantime, in the time when we bury our soldiers, while our wounded friends are still hospitalized, at a time when our cities are being shot at – we just send a prayer to the Creator, and we shall return to the front so that we have the power to deal with what we postponed until now.