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WATCH: Israeli CrossFit Team’s Gender-Fluid Outfits

As part of the classifications for the World CrossFit Championship, the Israeli male team drew media attention for wearing sports bras. The audience and the judges did not remain indifferent.


The CrossFit TLV club sent two teams to the World CrossFit Championship classifications in Madrid – a team of men consisting of athletes Avi Yona, Ram Dover and Gil Lior, and a group of women with athletes Sharon Cohen, Tamar Bar and Maya Kahanah.

Apart from intense training ahead of the competition, the members of the Israeli men’s team chose to leave an memorable impression in another way – during the competition they surprised the audience, the judges and the producers when they took off their team shirts and revealed colored sports bras wore on their muscular chests.

Competition announcers were quick to announce that this little equality gesture and those bras would not contribute to Israel’s final rank in the competition, which is composed of balancing the performance of both men and women, but they complimented the members of the team and expressed satisfaction for the unusual step.

Moshe Sinai, CEO of Reebok Israel, which provided clothing for the team, was surprised too. “As part of our support for CrossFit team we have provided the equipment and clothing suited to the sport,” he said. “We were confident that the bras would be used by the women’s team and were surprised to find that the men intended to steal the show.”

The colorful and surprising act just at the beginning of Pride Week in Tel Aviv was connected by the production team and the audience, who saw the gesture as a tribute to the gay community. But after clarifying with the group, it was obvious that their goal was to insert some color into the spirit of the competition. Although the team members’ gesture was not directed to an LGBT message, the brave gimmick and the demonstration of gender fluidity during gay pride month, just days before the Knesset held a discussion on LGBTphobia in sports, received an additional meaning.