US Muslims and Jews Take a Stand for Trans Rights

The show of support from religious leaders comes as the Supreme Court scrapped plans to hear a precedent-setting case.

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As the Trump administration moves to roll back trans rights and protections, faith groups are joining the fight against transphobia. Religious groups, including 1,800 faith leaders, recently filed a legal brief defending LGBT rights.

The legal brief filed by religious groups is part of a larger wave of support for transgender rights after the Trump administration scrapped a policy last month protecting the rights of transgender students under a federal law known as Title IX.

The brief has support from many Muslim and Jewish leaders who have come together denounce any justifications of discrimination on the basis of “religious freedom.”

Muslims for Progressive Values wrote in a statement that the “belief in transgender equality (is) rooted in our understanding of our faith and the values at the heart of Islam, embodied in the commandment in the Holy Quran 5:8 to pursue justice.”

The statement added that the group interprets the Quran as “having no concept of assigned gender roles, gender-based behavior, or separation of the sexes, deeming any discrimination on such bases as cultural and not to be given any divine mandate.”

Meanwhile, the Jewish Theological Seminary, which have also signed the briefing, stated, “JTS is compelled to act in the face of state and federal actions which undermine the Jewish principle of human dignity (kevod haberiyot) as it relates to our LGBTQ students, teachers, family members, neighbors, and all those targeted in the larger community.”

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