TLV Parties Unite Against Drugs

In the last three months, four young gay men have died from drug overdoses during parties at clubs, and two of the recent cases occurred within a week of each other. The Aguda has decided to fight the phenomenon, and has held a meeting with all the party producers and club owners to draft a work plan.


“I believe this is related to trends”, Imri Kalmann, co-chair of the Aguda, said, trying to explain the phenomenon in a conversation with Channel 2 News. “There may be a trend of a particular type of drug.”

Following a call of the Aguda member with party producer Shimon Shirazi, it was decided to hold a meeting with all the gay clubs and party line owners. In the discussion on the subject a number of proposals to eradicate the phenomenon were raised.
One of the suggestions that were accepted was placing a paramedic on call at every party, one hired from Magen David Adom.

“Many times when there is someone who loses it from drugs, people don’t know what to do with him: to give him water, or let him lie down. Our goal is to provide an immediate medical response to this issue,” said Kalmann.

The various party lines will also launch an information campaign on the types of drugs used, and every club or line will produce a video that will refer to the topic of drug use – and in the end there will be some sort of competition. Another initiative of the club owners is to hold a training session for the staff of the party. The Aguda hopes that the various initiatives will have an impact on the community.

“It was a very special meeting, and the sense of mutual responsibility for community members was substantial,” concluded the Aguda on its Facebook page,”in this subject and in other subjects that will be discussed in the future.

The parties whose producers and runners attended the meeting: Forever Tel Aviv, Arisa, Beef, Dreck, Vers, Gavra, Evita.