Thirty Years of Korin

Acclaimed lesbian Israeli singer-songwriter Korin Allal is marking her 30 year career with a release of a new song called “Achshav” (‘Now’)


Not only does 2015 mark Korin’s 30th year in the music business, the singer will also celebrate her 60th birthday in March, and to mark the special occasion she plans to go on a mini-tour of Tel Aviv and Herzeliya where she plans to host a unique musical guest every night.

Korin’s debut album was first released in 1984, titled “Al Tikra Li Motek” (‘Don’t Call Me Baby’) and is considered a breakthrough album in the history of rock music in Israel, and specifically in female rock, thanks to its unique musical sound and the controversial lyrics that symbolized the struggle of women in Israeli rock. Though Korin was born in Tunisia, made Aliya at 8 and her mother tongue is French, she managed to express in her songs in Hebrew the feeling of a person who abandoned her home and struck roots in a new place.

Korin has contributed a lot to Israeli music. She also wrote a lot of music for theater. In 2003 she received the major writers/musicians award ACUM, for her life work in Israeli culture.

Korin’s newest project is to release an album of songs comprising words from the Bible’s Book of Kohelet, for which she wrote the music. In this album, to be released in September, Korin will sing the book of Kohelet from beginning to end.