The Aguda hosts Passover Seder

A family tradition of 20 years continues – and the Israeli LGBT Task Force seeks help from members and friends  to support LGBT people who can’t celebrate the Passover Seder with their families, and all those who want to celebrate together like one big family.

seder_cYoni, 41 , has participated with his partner in the community holiday meals for many years. “At the beginning my family didn’t accept me, and didn’t allow me to bring my partner to the Seder,” he says. “Now my family has improved, and we try to get them to join us at the Aguda for the holiday meal at Passover or Rosh Hashanah, because we feel that they belong here. I also remember the holiday spirit that the Aguda managed to give us during the difficult years , and so we feel obligated to give financial and emotional aid to young people and adults who are in a situation where their families don’t accept them, so they can be among friends whose arms are open. ”

According to Alon Madar, a member of the Executive Committee of the Aguda and the organizer of the event, ” We want to make sure no one in the community will be left alone on Passover Eve.  Therefore, if there is a problem of lack of financial resources, alienation from the family or any other inability to celebrate the holiday with the family, or if you do not have first-degree relatives, or want to join a community that  is like a real family – the Aguda is calling you to join the meal, for all of us to sit down and celebrate the ‘Holiday of Spring’ as a family . ”

The Passover dinner organized by the Aguda, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Center , will be held on Monday April 14 at 6:30pm. Admission is free. In order to participate, send your name and number of participants to: In order to donate to the LGBT Seder, please use the link.