The Aguda Appointed New ED

Ohad Hizki, a volunteer at IGY and a Tel Aviv nightlife activist will replace the outgoing Aguda Executive Director Oded Frid.


At the end of a long and thorough process, the committee for locating a new Executive Director for the Aguda, which consists of members of the Executive Committee of the organization, has appointed Ohad Hizki as the new Executive Director of the Aguda, the Israeli National LGBT Task Force.

Ohad will replace Oded Frid who served as the Executive Director during the past year and finished his round in the past few days.

Ohad comes from a background of educational activism and working with youth. He’s a volunteer at IGY and active in Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene. Before IGY he’d been working with the Boy Scouts, until his last position there which was the national training coordinator.

“It’s important for me to do as much good as I can for people around me and for the communities to which I belong. The Aguda seemed like a great place to influence, strengthen and nurture the community to which I belong,” Hizki told IGY’s website.

In addition to his work with the Aguda, Hizki promises that he won’t neglect his voluntary work with the senior group in IGY Tel Aviv: “IGY is a very important organization for the LGBT community and as an association that fosters and supports, we will continue our support for it.”