Teaching Kids About LGBTQ

Lindsay Amer has recently started a YouTube channel called Queer Kid Stuff which aims to teach children about the LGBT community in a way that they can understand.

Talking about the LGBT community from a young age is important in teaching kids about the world they will grow up in and also help them be more accepting. However, talking about it can be challenging for many parents or people part of the upbringing of a child.

In the series, Lindsay Amer so far has talked about marriage equality, defining queer, gender and the meaning of gay.

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“I grew up in New York City, arguably the most diverse (read: gayest) city in the world, and my barely observant, culturally Jewish family could care less about the gender of the human I wanted to date,” revealed Lindsay in an op-ed about coming out. “My coming out was never impeded by anxieties that anyone in my life would be anything less than supportive. The conflict was primarily between myself and my own internalized heterosexual bias. My experience is one of incredible privilege that I am grateful for every day. That said, the struggle was still very real.” Read Lindsay’s coming out story