Gay Parents in Israeli Pharmacy Ad

“All parents face the same challenges”. That’s the message of a new online ad campaign by the Israeli pharmacy chain store Superpharm. The ad presents three different same-sex couples.


The new ad promotes a new Parents Beginner Guide that was created for the store’s customers, using products of the store’s home brand, Life Baby. The parents guide includes valuable information about health topics related to caring for the baby, first aid, sleep, breast-feeding, bath and more.

The ad shows eight different people, separately, trying to answer the question ‘What’s the hardest thing about being a parent?’

At the end of the ad the camera zooms out and reveals that out of the four couples interviewed, two couples are gay and one couple is lesbian. The fourth couple is straight.

The Aguda, Israeli National LGBT Task Force, rushed to publicly support the ad: “Superpharm makes history and presents the first ever local ad that features LGBT parenthood.” The Aguda wrote in a statement: “Sex, gender and romance do not affect legitimacy for parenting. We wish us all many children and lots of Naches”