“Remember us at the Voting Booth”

Less than three weeks before the elections in Israel, The Aguda, Israel’s LGBT Task Force, launched a new campaign this weekend under the message “Remember us at the voting booth,” which calls on Israeli citizens to remember the LGBT community, especially the youngsters, as they stand in the voting booth to choose who will set the agenda for the country in the coming years.


The campaign, created by the Aguda in collaboration with community organizations IGY, Hoshen, Tehila and Gila Project, was launched Thursday evening during a youth demonstration against LGBTphobia that took place in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, and at the beginning of this week was expanded and published in various media channels.

Similar messages appeared on many of the T shirts worn by youth during the demonstration, such as “Mom, remember me at the voting booth,” “Sir, remember me at the voting booth” and “Teacher, remember me at the voting booth.” “In recent weeks, the youth showed us what a legitimate and wise civil protest looks like and it was moving to see young women and men take responsibility for the situation and speak out boldly,” said the Executive Director of the Israeli LGBT Task Force, Oded Frid.

“From our perspective, the connection was natural and genuine; the entire community saw an example of audacity and power displayed by high school students, and we were pleased to collaborate with various community organizations that made this move possible,” adds Frid. “Solidarity among LGBT youth and straight youth made this amazing demonstration possible, and can also serve as an inspiration for the entire Israeli society, that should all should rally to grant full equal rights for everyone, properly, like in any advanced country that Israel aspires to be and is.”

The cooperation with the youth groups was made possible in part thanks to IGY, Israel Gay Youth organization, one of the community organizations and partners who contributed to the process. “We are pleased to collaborate with the Aguda and other LGBT organizations that take part in this project,” said IGY’s co-CEO Ran Label. “IGY is proud to stand by its members. It’s time to put these issues in the center of public discourse and focus on the change in education. “