Rabbi Says Gays Are OK, Parade Is Not

Rabbi Yaakov Meidan, Dean of the Har Etzion Hesder Yeshiva at Alon Shvut, explained to Arutz Sheva Wednesday that it is one thing to accept individuals who are homosexual, and a completely different thing to accept the so-called “gay community.”

Regarding private individuals, the rabbi said that he knows “an entire organization of people who hang on by their fingernails to the Torah and the mitzvot (commandments) and do not flout the Torah prohibitions, and they have same-sex tendencies. They consult with rabbis on how to do and what to do, and these people are complete tzaddikim (righteous people)…”

“Many of them make great efforts to change the tendencies, but in most cases we know that it cannot be done, and we have to identify with them. These people are kosher for ascending to read the Torah (at the synagogue) and to lead the congregation on a Yom Kippur that occurs on Shabat.”

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