QueerView: Being Gay in Israel

Dr. Evan Cohen and his partner Omri Rosenkrantz joined HuffPost Live to discuss being gay in Israel: Is Israel The Only Place In Mideast That Doesn’t Discriminate Against Gays?

“Tel Aviv is an extremely vibrant city,” Dr. Cohen said, “We often travel to London and Berlin, and there’s no difference as far as gay life is concerned. It’s extremely vibrant, extremely open, great city to be in.”

“There is gay life in Jerusalem because it’s a huge city,” continued Cohen, “but it’s probably a lot less pronounced that it is in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv has much more open society, much more liberal society.”

Evan and Omri also talked about life during the recent Gaza crisis. “It’s war time and during war time we’re not happy people,” said Omri. “But we survive, we believe in our country, we believe in our soldiers and we believe in our people. We’re very sorry to see how our country is sometimes misrepresented in the world media, not in America as much but more in Europe. It makes us very sad. We believe that eventually we’ll get some kind of a peace solution because these situation where people are under rockets and under terror threats, this situation is impossible to live in. So we are not only gay, we’re also Israeli, and we want to live here peacefully not only as gays but also as human beings.”

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