Pittsburgh Ties Helped Make ‘Marry’ Match

Eddie Rosenstein’s documentary “The Freedom to Marry” centers on civil rights activist Evan Wolfson, whose career began with a 1983 thesis on marriage equality and culminated three decades later with the historic 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

Rosenstein spoke with the AJT about Wolfson and the making of “Freedom,” which has four screenings at the Atlanta Jewish Film festival.

Rosenstein grew up in Pittsburgh’s tight-knit Jewish community through which he came to know the Wolfsons. He had a close relationship with their youngest son, and grew up hearing various tales of Evan’s achievements and wearing Wolfson’s hand-me-down sneakers.

“I would always get a phone call from my proud mother when Evan would be on TV,” Rosenstein said. “Sometimes it was ‘Face the Nation’ or some Sunday morning news show or on the front page of The New York Times.”

His mother even appears in the film. She is seen seated at a kitchen table, beaming with the oft-told recollection of Wolfson already reading The New York Times by the age of 4.

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