MK’s Gay Club “Scandal”

MK Sharon Gal has been in the headlines in Israel this week after a few pictures of him partying at a gay club in Tel Aviv were leaked and published in gossip columns.

photo by Niv Sonis

The newly-elected MK, who belongs to the right wing party Israel Beitenu and has never voted in favor of pro-LGBT laws in the Knesset, was seen at the famous Tel Aviv gay club “Lima Lima,” wearing a T shirt.

{10623A12-64CD-439E-8892-F222B011151F}Not only did the photo go viral on social media, causing rage in the LGBT community due to the lack of support that the MK gives the community in his political life, the photo also caused a wave of rumors about Gal’s personal life.

“I have never denied the fact that I have good friends in the community,” Gal commented on the ‘scandal’ to Israeli TV show “Hakol Ishi.” “I think that you can’t call someone who comes to a gay party a homophobe.”

Gal also stated in the interview that it’s a mistake to say that his party is homophobic. “Our message is live and let live,” he said, “and I think I stand behind that.”

The photo of Gal at a gay club brought back an interview that he gave in 2011, when he was asked about his personal life. “I love women, especially beautiful and smart ones,” he said in the interview, “but yes, I am a curious person and I had a chance to hang out with men as well a few times in my life.”