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Michael Lucas is Going to Israel

Famous porn-star and director Michael Lucas is a long-time Israel advocate, and in our last interview with him he said that he loves to utilize his name for his advocacy for Israel and for LGBT rights around the world. And it’s very easy to get people’s attention for what he believes in. All we need to say to get the attention is “Gay Jewish Porn star Michael Lucas…”

Lucas has frequently written op-eds on gay and social issues in Out magazine, The Advocate, The Huffington Post and Pink News, and over the past year and a half he’s released two documentaries, one about gay people in Israel, and the other about LGBT rights in Russia, both subjects really close to his heart.

In an open letter to all of his fans yesterday, the outspoken porn star announced that because of the situation in Israel, he has decided to move up his annual trip to Israel and to go over there to support them right now. “My favorite time to visit Israel is usually at the end of October, when the weather is warm and the Mediterranean feels like a bath,”Lucas writes. “But this year I’ll make two trips—one in October with my boyfriend (who has never been), and one this week.”

“Why?,” Lucas continues. “Partly to be with my people during a difficult period for them. But also because I want to help show that Israel is still a completely viable and enjoyable travel destination, even during times of conflict. Everyday life there goes on. I was in Israel during the Lebanon war. It was safe. And I know that I will be safe this week, even while the Israel Defense Forces are bravely fighting terrorists in Gaza. That safety is exactly what Israel has always been fighting for. I invite anyone who supports Israel and its values to join me there.”

The letter is sealed with a photo of Michael, wearing a T shirt that reads “I Stand with Israel.”

So, if we don’t have the world’s support, at least we have the gay king of porn’s support, right?! It’s equally powerful.