Mei Finegold official announced as representative of Israel at the Eurovision Song Conest

It’s official: IBA has announced this evening that Mei Feingold is the Israeli representative for Eurovision 2014. IBA’s committee has chosen Mei Feingold to represent Israel in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. She won over Maya Buskila and Ela Doron in the race to Copenhagen.

Mei was announced on Friday as the chosen representative by the committee. However, one of the problems is that Mei had to face is the fact that she did not serve in the Israel Defense Forces and previously nominated singers like Maya Buskila and Marina Maximilian Blumin were not chosen as representatives because of that reason.

In the upcoming months, a private national final will be held for Mei with 2-4 songs in the run. A part of them will be submitted by Mei herself, and a part will come from the public.

Mei Feingold had participated in the final of the Israeli idol show “Kochav Nolad”, where former representatives Shiri Maimon (2005), Boaz Mauda (2008) and Harel Ska’at (2010) have participated as well. She also plays in several musicals and was the solist of the band “Limousine Express”.

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