A Wider Bridge invites you to LGBT Pride in Israel, a series of events across the US with the leaders of The Aguda, Israel’s leading LGBT Advocacy Organization.

Hear about the 40-year history of the fight for LGBT rights in Israel, same-sex families and pro-LGBT laws in the country, as well as equality in the army and openly gay and transgender people who serve in the IDF

December 8 — Palm Springs (private home event) 6:00 pm go to this event>>
December 9 — Los Angeles, Congregation Kol Ami 7:30 pm go to this event>>
December 10– Seattle (private home event) go to this event>>
December 11 — San Francisco Bay Area — Jewish Federation of the East Bay 7:00 pm go to this event>>
December 17 — Westchester Jewish Center (WJC) 7:45 pm go to this event>>
December 18 — New York City — Magnises Townhouse (West Village) 7;30 pm go to this event>>
December 19 — New York City — Shabbat Chanukah Celebration with Or Chayim LGBT Minyan (Upper West Side) go to this event>>

The Aguda, the Israeli National LGBT Task Force, is Israel’s pioneer lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization. The Aguda is a national grassroots, volunteer-based, nonprofit human-rights organization representing the LGBT community. The Aguda promotes and advances new initiatives and cultivate leadership and partnership with all sectors and groups within the community. The Aguda strives for full equality for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people. They also aspire to create a public and social climate of acceptance and respect for the LGBT community and for its individual members.


Shai Doitsh. Photo: Ziv SadeShai Doitsh, Co-Chair (New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Westchester) Shai Doitsh has been part of the Aguda since 2001, was one of the founders of the Aguda’s branch in the south of Israel. In 2004, Shai joined the Executive Committee of the Aguda and served as head of tourism. In July 2011 he was elected Chairman, a title which he holds until today.


537961_10151579182364802_473244527_nChen Arieli, Co-Chair (Seattle, Palm Springs, Los Angeles) Chen is a longtime activist in the LGBT community (and beyond) for the advancement and empowerment of women. She has co-founded the Committee for the Status of Women in the Aguda, provided administrative support for women in key positions in the community with the vision of feminism and solidarity, and served as the Project Coordinator on behalf of the Aguda for Women’s Health. For over five years, Chen has also been the production manager of the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival and was involved in literature and art projects to encourage local LGBTQ literature.

10406672_10154761163565361_1017298903459021862_nAnat Nir, Board Member (all locations) Anat Nir is a very well known figure in the LGBT community, and specifically in the lesbian community. Besides her years of involvement with the Aguda, she has been the founder of the successful party-line for women only ‘Dana and Anat’, and a co-executive producer of the famous annual Lethal Lesbian film festival in Tel Aviv.