Larry Kramer compares quick reaction to Ebola to slow reaction to AIDS

It’s not been lost on Larry Kramer that the reaction to Ebola was far different then when the AIDS epidemic began killing gay men more than 30 years earlier.


The outspoken author and activist, whose The Normal Heart was made into an HBO film last year, is certain he knows why.

‘Well, because it wasn’t happening to us; it was happening to them,’ he tells The Advocate in a cover story posted Monday (9 March).

‘There no question that AIDS has not been attended to because it was conceived of as a gay disease. That’s a long time, 35 years, for there still to be so little known about what’s happening to us. They still have no idea of how to cure it.’

HIV/AIDS has become a chronic rather than an acutely fatal disease in many areas of the world. Lives began to be saved in the mid-1990s due to breakthrough drugs that were pushed by activists like Kramer who founded of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) in 1987.

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