Jewish school orders students to shun child of transgender woman

Teachers at a private Orthodox Jewish school in London have instructed students ‘not to communicate in any way’ with daughter of a transgender woman.

Just one month after a British judge’s controversial decision to block a transgender woman from any and all physical or verbal contact with her children for fear they would be ostracized, a report says those fears have nonetheless come true.

The Jewish Telegraph reports one of the woman’s five children is being shunned by classmates at their private Orthodox Jewish school, who “have been told not to communicate with her ‘in any way’. The instruction came from their teachers, they say.

“The youngsters wrote a heart-rending letter to the girl, saying that if they saw her they would be forced to ignore her. But they added that they would always love her and that they would pray for her.”

The Independent reports Justice Peter Jackson has written to the U.K.’s top education official, warning that social banishment of trans people’s children in strict Jewish schools may be illegal.

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