Israel Calling 2017: why Tel Aviv knows how to party

Fotis Konstantopoulos from Greece went to Israel to cover the Israel Calling Eurovision event just before Passover, took part in the 4 days of constant activities alongside this year’s song contest’s superstars. This is what he wrote when he came back.

Recall your teenage birthday parties, when your mom made it possible for you to have a successful party and you have the best description of why Israeli Eurovision party was great this year: Tali Eshkoli, hosting just like your own mom alongside her superhero team, led by Shai Barak gave an outstanding hosting for the second edition of Israel Calling 2017.

Some might say, OK these guys from just got another free press trip and now praise the Israeli party, but if your remember the first party review by this website, the report was argumentative enough and pointed out very negative aspects of the organising. This though didn’t stop the organisers from inviting us again.

Tel Aviv is known for having an administration which favours hosting big events to promote the city and furthermore the Israeli mentality of being a country which is ready to welcome everyone despite political developments and security risks. Tel Aviv is by definition an exotic city in which different cultures meet and collide, creating an amazing and outstanding feeling for the guests. A city that never sleeps (and trust me we do feel that in our body by now).

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