A Wider Bridge Impact

AWB Impact is a platform for North American LGBTQ leaders, communities and allies to network with and financially support Israel’s LGBTQ NGOs and projects.

2017 AWB Impact Projects

The Meeting Place Bringing people together from all sectors of civil society – in the heart of Jerusalem.
Goal: $5,000 – REACHED!
Organizers: Yerushalmit Movement
Orthodox Media Project
Goal: $5,000 REACHED!
Organizers: Bat Kol, Havruta, Shoval – Israel’s LGBTQ Orthodox community organizations

More projects to be announced!

About AWB Impact and Delegations

A Wider Bridge strengthens Israel’s LGBTQ community by providing financial resources, public platforms, and leadership networking for LGBTQ NGOs and community projects.

Each year, we sponsor AWB Impact delegations – visits of Israeli LGBTQ organization and community leaders to cities across North America- to feature their work and stories at community events, leadership gatherings, and networking opportunities.

Through these visits, LGBTQ and allied North Americans are exposed to the work of LGBTQ Israelis and develop a personal stake in the work of Israeli NGOs and community leaders. And through online crowd funding and fundraising events, Israel’s LGBTQ community will become better equipped to advance their goals.

Our AWB Impact tours are expanding mutual understanding, engagement, and philanthropic support; strengthening the LGBTQ communities of both North America and Israel.

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