IDF to re-examine professional relationship with anti-gay rabbi

Following the exposure and uproar to Rabbi Yigal Levinstein’s ‘Perverts’ speech, the IDF has decided to reevaluate its collaboration with the pre-army preparatory yeshiva head, who frequently visits army bases and lectures; head of IDF Manpower Directorate cancelled a visit to Levinstein’s yeshiva on Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.27.41 PM
Yigal Levinstein addressing pre-army yeshiva students (Photo: Bnei David Yeshiva)

Following the publication and public condemnation of Rabbi Yigal Levinstein’s homophobic statements in what has been coined “the ‘Perverts’ speech,” the IDF announced on Tuesday morning its decision to reevaluate its collaboration with him. The reevaluation will examine, inter alia, his visiting military bases throughout the country and lecturing students.

A decision will be taken after Levinstein clarifies his controversial pronouncements. Despite this, Head of the Manpower Directorate Maj. Gen. Hagi Topolanski canceled his scheduled Tuesday-morning visit to the Bnei David Yeshiva’s pre-army program, run by Levinstein.

On Monday, the Ministry of Defense condemned the rabbi following Ynet’s contacting them for comment. The ministry’s director general, Maj. Gen. Udi Adam, instructed its Defense Social Branch, which is responsible for the re-army preparatory programs, to seek clarifications from the Bnei David pre-army preparatory yeshiva. The yeshiva receives half of its funding from the Defense Ministry. The ministry did not reply to Ynet’s query regarding the future of Bnei David if the rabbi does not retract his earlier statements.

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