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“I Don’t Identify as Just Jewish or Gay”

Porn mogul Michael Lucas talked with Montreal Gazette on the porn industry, “pinkwashing” and being Jewish


Famed gay-porn director and adult-film actor Michael Lucas —born Andrei Lvovich Treivas in Communist Russia in 1972— emigrated to Germany after graduating from the Moscow Law Academy in 1994. He began working as an adult performer before founding his own porn production company, Lucas Entertainment, in New York in 1998.

Today Lucas has become one of the most successful producers of porn, and has used his success and notoriety to —as a media columnist and university speaker— speak out against drugs, unsafe sex and the oppression of gays, as well as support the state of Israel.

Lucas was in Montreal earlier this summer and Pop Tart caught up with the opinionated entrepreneur for a fun and frank Q&A about all things porn, PrEP, LGBT civil rights, and the raid by U.S. federal investigators on the New York headquarters of popular gay-male escort site Plus, he also talked about Tel Aviv

I’ve been to Israel twice, including for Gay Pride in Tel Aviv. What do you think about charges that promoting LGBT tourism in Israel is “pinkwashing”?

Israel is a very accepting and tolerant Jewish state of seven million people that is unfortunately surrounded by 350 million intolerant people. Their neighbors are threatened by the only democratic country in the Middle East. “Pinkwashing” is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that is created in order to smear and disregard the good that Israel is doing. I recently produced a documentary about the gay community in Israel. It is called Undressing Israel: Gay Men in The Promised Land.

What is at the core of your world view —your Jewish identity or your gay identity?

It depends on the circumstances. If I feel discriminated against for being Jewish, then Jewish becomes my first identity; if I encounter homophobia, then my gay identity comes first. But I do not identify myself as just Jewish or gay. I have many identities, one of which is being an American patriot, and that becomes my first identity when I encounter any form of anti-Americanism during my travels.


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