Harel’s Boyfriend Recruited

Harel Skaat’s boyfriend, model Idan Roll, was recruited for urgent military service in Gaza last week. A photo of Idan in IDF Uniform has gone viral on social media.


On Friday Skaat posted an open letter to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reminding him that among the soldiers who protect Israel from the attacks, are also LGBT soldiers, who in their daily lives fight for equal rights to build a family.

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu, this is my partner, Idan,” writes Harel. “He’s a captain in the intelligence corps, and instead of sitting here with us at Shabbat Dinner he’s currently in some bunker in the Gaza area, fighting with many other soldiers for our right to live here; and he does that with admirable pride and patriotism.”

“In a little while, when the cannons stop shooting,” Harel continued, “when we embark on a different fight, for our right to live here as a couple and as a family, I sincerely hope that you’ll remain in the picture and will fight with pride for us too.”

Harel’s words have raised the support of thousands of people who shared the photo and commented with words of support for equal rights. This morning, Idan posted a photo on Instagram, of himself in an army uniform, wearing Tefilin, praying for peace.

Idan, and the rest of Israel’s soldiers: Stay safe!