Harel Skaat is Cast as “Aladdin”

The famous story of Aladdin will once again come back to life and will be turned into a musical during Hannukah in Israel, and gay singer Harel Skaat was cast in the lead role.

Hannukah has been known for years in Israel as “The holiday of kids’ musicals”. Israeli A-list and celebrities star each year in one of a variety of musical shows that run 3-4 times a day during the holiday, occupying kids and families. Last year, Harel Skaat led a musical based on the story of Peter Pan, which was a tremendous success. This year, Skaat shares the spotlights with famous Israeli singer (and close friend) Shiri Maimon, who was once dubbed the Israeli Mariah Carey, due to her similar powerful voice.

The musical Aladdin was first produced in Israel for Hanukkah in 2004. Back then it was led by Tom Avni.

This week, Harel and Shiri participated in a photoshoot for the official poster of the show, and revealed their costumes- and Harel suffered comments from the Israeli press for appearing-once again- nearly shirtless throughout the show. “I read all these gossip stories about me spending hours at the gym,” he told entertainment news show ‘Good Evening’,”and I would like to break a myth. I rarely go to the gym”

Skaat, who was recently rumored to be getting back together with his on-again-off-again boyfriend, model Idan Ravel, was asked- according to the Aladdin story- to describe his three wishes, and he said “I’d rather live in poverty, but be happy.” How charming.

From Left to right: Harel Skaat (Aladdin), Shiri Maimon (Yasmin), Eli Yatzpan (the genie)