Harel Prays for Better Days

Busy times for gay Israeli singer Harel Skaat. Between shooting the next season of The Rising Star, an Israeli reality music competition where he serves as a judge; and performing abroad and working in Paris on his first international album, he’s also working on his 4th Hebrew studio album, from which the new single, “Sheyavou Aleinu” (‘Let it Come on Us’), is released this week.


“When he comes / who else /what should we tell him? / maybe that we’ve had enough,” Harel sings, “When he comes / we’ll plead persistently / we’ve been living here for years / waiting for mercy / let it come on us.”

“There’s a relevant description in the song for the situation that we’re in, in our country and in the world,” Harel says. “A cry to the sky for a directing hand, for love and compassion on days when it feels that the world is going crazy into an astonishing void. A joint prayer for better days.”