Good Morning, Harel Sweetie

“Good Morning, Sweetie”, the first collaboration between Harel Skaat and music producer Henree, was recorded three years ago. “It was completed and at the last minute I decided that I didn’t relate to it – and canceled everything,” he says today, and presents the updated version, full of electronics and Mediterranean-style singing, from his fourth album, which is on the way. Listen:

In the 12 years that have passed since he entered our lives and became the runner-up in the reality music competition Israeli Idol, Harel Skaat has managed to do quite a bit, but a cooperation with the successful gay electronic-music producer Henree has yet to be checkmarked. Until now, that is. On Monday he released “Good Morning Sweetie”, the new single from his fourth album, to be released later this year, in which he reveals a surprising combination of Mediterranean and electro music. This is very different from what he has done until now.

“I am very pleased to partner up with Henree,” said Skaat. “I got this song from him a few years ago and recorded it, but didn’t release it in the end.”

“Good morning Sweetie” remained in the drawer and waited for the right moment. “The song never really left me,” Skaat admits. “I’m at a time in my life which I feel is the exactly the right moment to release this song. Three months ago I went back to Henree and re-recorded the song with a completely different production.”

Harel Skaat and his boyfriend, model Idan Roll, demonstrate a stronger-than-ever relationship. The two, who together recently bought a NIS 4 million penthouse in Tel Aviv, posted a video on Instagram of Idan dancing to Harel’s new song, the evening before it was released.